How To Surprise Your Wife With A Beautiful Gift


The gift of time

On her birthday, your anniversary or whatever your reason for wanting to surprise your wife, just don’t go to work that day and clear your diary. Don’t announce that you’ve booked a day off beforehand, just arrange it with your boss. If your wife is due to be at work, contact her boss and explain that you want to surprise your wife and are requesting a day off for her as part of the surprise. Request written confirmation as evidence for your wife. If necessary arrange child-care and spend time with your wife for the entire day.

Her ideal gift

Before the day itself, ask your wife what her ideal day would be in three different scenarios 1. that didn’t cost anything 2. that would cost the amount you’re able to spend and 3. if money were no object. Hopefully, that will put her off the scent and you’ll be able to plan a day that you know she will enjoy.

Your wife will love you for the time and effort you have put into making the day special and all about her. You will have created treasured memories for you both.

Say it with words

You might also like to surprise your wife with a material gift that she can enjoy as a reminder of the day. Write her a card telling her what it is that you love and appreciate about her and how you are so grateful that she is in your life. Make promises that you can keep for your future together. A letter like this is a priceless gift and is sure to be a surprise.

Say it with flowers

Flowers are other gift ideas you might like to consider. A rose bush for the garden will last longer than a bouquet or arrangement. Flowers are symbolic of many traits including courage, loyalty, faith and purity as well as love. A little research will allow you to choose the flowers that represent her best or show your feelings for her. A red rose represents love and passion, but tulips, irises and lilies also represent love.

Let her sparkle

You can’t say love louder in jewelry than with diamonds and they don’t have to be large. Earrings with synthetic diamonds look good as they’re not usually seen up close. If your wife likes bolder jewelery, consider a gold or silver pendant or bracelet incorporating the colour that compliments her best. If you’re not sure what jewelery to buy, organise a shopping date together to find the perfect piece together. If you can, design a piece of jewelery for her and get it made.