The Equable Future

Nearly all of us aim to do, be, and have great things. Some of us feel as though we are not achieving our aspirations. We may feel disappointed that we do not have as much money as we would like, to secure our future. Our relations with others in our family may be out of balance or our career is not as successful as we feel we deserve and that life is generally not as much fun as we want it to be.
When we do not get what we want, it is easy to blame problems that are outside of our control. Yes what we need to do is recognise and utilise the potential we do have to achieve our goals in all these areas. All of us are more powerful than we think. We all have the ability to create the life we want. The issue is that many of us have not yet learned how to create this life. You can achieve and attract what you want in life by following these 7 simple steps:

1. You are fully responsible for your life

No-one else is responsible for your quality of life on this planet. It is not the responsibility of your family to fill your life with continual happiness, your boss to give you exciting career options, or anyone else to supply you with blissful personal relationships simply because you exist. Only one person is responsible for the quality of the life you live. That person is you.
External factors do not determine how you live, the quality of your life is entirely in your control. Successful people take full responsibility for their thoughts and their actions. Complaints and blame are not part of their life. Instead, they face what may be some uncomfortable truths, make changes and take risks in order to create the life they want to live.

2. What is your life purpose

Everyone has a life purpose. Where is your behaviour, attitudes, likes, dislikes and your life experiences leading you? Identifying, accepting and honouring your life purpose is one of the most important actions successful people take. Being your authentic self makes it easy to pursue what you want with passion and enthusiasm. This will lead to happiness, balance and stability in your future with work, family and relations.

3. What does success look like to you?

It is very easy to get so caught up on the hamster-wheel of work and home obligations that they become habit. Our lives get of balance with a lack of focus on the big goals and dreams that we hold within us.
Dream big. Pursue this and the big ideas will come. Map out what you want and the steps needed to get to each milestone so that you can focus your energies here, rather than on unimportant or uninspiring tasks. With your energy and focus, you will start attracting the people, resources and opportunities you need into your life to make your dream come true.

4. Nothing is impossible

You have to believe that what you want is possible. If you believe there is something standing in your way; f you tell yourself that you are tired, in debt, will never get a better job, hate a relationship you have with a member of your family or do not believe you will ever find a life partner etc., consider your part in any of your complaints. Ignore external circumstances, just look at what you can do to make a change.

5. Believe in Yourself

Have faith in yourself. You need to have a deeply held belief that you are capable of creating the life of your dreams. You will experience successes and you may experience pain and struggle. That is down to you. Accepting this level of responsibility is empowering since it means that you can try anything and you can make changes.

6. Become an Inverse Paranoid

Successful people expect the world to support them and bring opportunity. Focus fully on abundance, not on scarcity.

7. Set goals

For success, you need to set goals. If you do not set yourself a goal, it is just an idea, a wish or a preference.

Every journey starts with a single step. A first step simply can be making an immediate change in a single area in your life. If your are unhappy about something right now, ask for change to make it better, or take the steps to change it yourself. Or you can do nothing, which is also your choice so you can stop complaining about it.
Making a change can be uncomfortable and challenging. It may demand your time, money and effort. It miay also mean that someone gets upset about your choice, or makes you feel bad about your decision.
You have to be willing to change your behavior if you want a different outcome. You have to be willing to take risks to get what you want. Once you have taken your first step in the right direction, plan more steps to keep moving you forward faster.